Facilitative Leadership Project

Project Teams 2014-2015 School Year

Cultural Competence & Inclusion Council (formerly the Diversity Team)

Team Positive Work Environment

 Jeanne Nailos  Sue Dapson
 Angela Johansen  Gigi Hawkins
 Barbara Goodrich-Mancari   Howie Marshall
 Linda Whitacre  Lynn Helde
 Mary Yarmosky  Patrice Lattrell
 Kim Robertson    Michelle Cady
 Marie Richardson   Bonnie Smith
 Ana Larkin  Anne-Mary Riello

2014 Teams

Project Teams 2013-2014 School Year

Team Diversity

Team Positive Work Environment

 Tammy Gage  Debra Belland
 Barbara Goodrich-Mancari                 Sue Dapson
 Angela Johansen  Gigi Hawkins
 Tina Kirby  Lynn Helde
 Joe Maffuccio  Patrice Lattrell
 Jeanne Nailos  Howie Marshall
 Kristen Palatt  
 Kim Robertson  
 Linda Whitacre   
 Mary Yarmosky  


Project Team 1



project team 2

A Program of Facilitative Leadership for Pittsfield Public Schools Participants

Shared Leadership

  • Leadership is the professional work of everyone in the school.
  • Linking leadership and learning: we are all responsible for student learning, for our own learning, and the learning of our colleagues.
  • Learning and leading are linked in the school community.
  • Everyone has the ability, right, and responsibility to be a leader.
  • Educators wish to develop and be professionals. Leadership is an essential aspect of being an educator.
  • Educators and policy makers all want to produce sustainable school improvement. The development of leadership capacity provides that framework.
  • "Shared Leadership" is the goal. "Facilitative Leadership" is the means to achieve that goal.

Facilitative Leadership

  • Leadership in schools is complex and interdependent. Leaders not only control resources; they facilitate and involve others in the process of change and continuous improvement.
  • The challenge of leadership involves every one of us. We all have the responsibility for the success of our students' learning.
  • Developing leadership capability requires self-awareness, skills development, and personal commitment.

Facilitative Leadership is organized around seven practices (repeated action/behavior that leads to proficiency). For each practice of Facilitative Leadership, we will focus on awareness-building and skill development to be used in everyday work situations.


  • Reach a broader awareness of yourself as a leader—your behavior, mind-set, aspirations.
  • Use Leadership skills and tools to tap the creativity and experience of those you work with.
  • Develop a vision of the impact you want to have as a leader, and an action plan for improving the learning environment of the school.
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